Talo - A tent to stay

Bachelor Project
a topic dearest to my heart, explored and developed in Linz, Austria

Created in cooperation
with my talented friend
Jakob Haider

Our main goal was to create
a tent that is comfortable for extended periods of time,
with youth camps as
our main target group
Also while beeing easy
to build for beginners
and especially kids

Ideation Sketches
Different Appearnce

The inner layer is made from
a cotton blend to allow for
the best breath-ability
to avoid condensation
The outer layer adds
properties and offers
additional protection from
rain for the most
vulnerable parts
The interior layout is turned 180 degrees
with the storage in the front it is much
easier to access
No need to interrupt
the people who sleep
in the back
Vertical shelfs provide
way more storage

than usual
For the process and a more detailed explanation,
check out my
current pdf portfolio

Silvester Kössler
Industrial Design
2021 | Kunstuni Linz

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