Momo - More Mobility

5th semester project
The future of public transport in rural areas

Created together with the best team:
David Wolkerstorfer
Martin Peinelt

Developed for:
To make rural public transport attractive again short waiting times and flexible schedules were necessary
We achieved this by creating a concrete block system that adds road-like driving capabilities

With this change our vehicle can travel in both directions simultaniously
Most of our users are everyday commuters
The interior goal is a comfortable seating experience
for up to an hour of travel
Every seat has a retractable desk big and sturdy
enough for a notebook
Overhead storage with a glass shelf offers a lot of space
and an open spacious
feeling when not in use
For the process and a
more detailed explanation, check out my
current pdf portfolio

Silvester Kössler

Industrial Design
2021 | Kunstuni Linz

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