Project Glacies

Third Semester project
my first fashion related project in Linz, Austria


Silvester Kössler KOE Design Emcools Project GIF
Silvester Kössler KOE Design Emcools Project Hero
Emcools is a company developing regenerative clothing for hobby and pro athletes
They originally developed their patented cooling pads for medical purposes and are now branching out into sports.

Silvester Kössler KOE Design Emcools Project Package
The outer black isolating sleeve is designed for multiple methods of carrying, to avoid that the customers just throws it into his bag, to still keep the branding visible.
there is the blue carrying sling on the side or a strap mount on the back to attach it to your gym bag, so it won't take up otherwise useable space.

The inner hard case has two different textures, glossy and matte, to replicate the look of ice. It's designed to keep the cooling pads organized and compact while you refreeze them in your freezer for your next workout session.

Silvester Kössler
Industrial Design
2019 | Kunstuni Linz

Emcools Project Silvester Kössler KOE Design

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